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Welcome from the Director

Robert Thomas

Robert A. (Bob) Thomas, Ph.D., Director
Loyola University New Orleans
Center for Environmental Communication

Communicating about environmental issues is increasing in importance.  Once a concern mainly of those who cared deeply for preserving habitats and species, the quality of the environment is rapidly becoming mainstream. 

It has been 50+ years since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.  Two generations have emerged into the work force with lifelong contact with environmental education.  They went to nature centers, watched nature documentaries, were exposed to environmental advertising, took environmental science in school, and hopefully were educated by their parents.  They were encouraged to recycle, purchase wisely, and turn off lights when they left a room.  Some of it stuck, but many chose to act otherwise.

In Louisiana, we are blessed with having the continental United States' most extensive coastal wetlands, America's WETLAND.  This ecosystem provides us with a way of life that is intiment with nature.  Two tragedies, Hurricanes Katrina & Rita and the BP oil gusher have made it obvious how our livelihoods and well-being are closely tied to a healthy, sustainable environment.  These two catastrophes also taught us that in times of peril, people yearn for information.

The purpose of the Center for Environmental Communication (LUCEC) is to enhance the flow of environmental information throughout the region.  This website details many ways LUCEC engages in that task and I encourage you to contact me if you would like to become involved in our efforts.

Please help our community by getting involved with organizations that focus day in and day out on improving the environment of our region. 

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