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Welcome to the America's WETLAND Resource Center. These pages on LUCEC are intended to serve as a reference for the history, present challenges, and future of coastal Louisiana wetlands - a place we call America's WETLAND.

This is a project of LUCEC in partnership with America's WETLAND: A Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana.  It was originally funded by CH2M Hill through the America's WETLAND Foundation.

Why the concern about America's WETLAND?

Formed by the mighty Mississippi River spreading rich soil from the heart of the continent, populated by a vast diversity of plant and wildlife species, filled with a joy for living from the hearts of its people, Louisiana has become a shining light of a new South, offering unique opportunities for experiential travel, the heart of the new era in "eco-cultural" tourism.

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Louisiana's 2017 Coastal Master Plan

Louisiana’s current coastal plan is an exceptional pathway to protecting the values (economic, environmental, and cultural) that define the state. It is the first plan that followed realistic concepts and was based on sound science and policy. Citizens will find it an excellent roadmap for present and future planning, and experts think it will be adequately adjustable should conditions change over the years.

The state requires that the coastal master plan be updated every five years (now six years), so it is in effect a “living document.” The 2012 update took three years to complete.

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*The Current Plan*

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The Official Numbers

Any student of the changes that are happening to America's WETLAND knows that there are conflicting numbers floating about everywhere.

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America's Wetland In a Nutshell FAQs

America's WETLAND is one of the largest and most productive expanses of coastal wetlands in North America.

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Featured Stories from America's WETLAND

Louisiana's cultural heritage has always been shaped by the unique ties of its people to the land and water around them. America's WETLAND is a unique and diverse ecosystem that touches every aspect of the life and history of coastal Louisiana.

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BP - Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill

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