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IEC Fellows—1999

The following people have completed the Institute for Environmental Communication and have been named Fellows.

Blades, Catherine - Executive Director, Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, New Orleans
Burgoyne, Walt - Naturalist, New Orleans
Braud, Gerard - President, Diversified Media, Mandeville
Brehm, Loretta - Board member, W.H.A.R.F., Westwego
Bozzo, Bill - Environmental Scientist and Manager, DynMcDermott Inc., Metairie
Calvert, Linda -  Director, Mayor's Office of Environmental Affairs, New Orleans
Carriere, John - Development and Communications Coordinator, Tulane Center for Bioenvironmental Research, New Orleans
Claville, Eric - ACORN, Baton Rouge
Contois, Robert - Environmental Lawyer, Jones Walker, New Orleans
Crochet, Micah - Cytec, Luling
Davis, Mark - Executive Director, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Baton Rouge
DeLonde, Angelique - Public Health Epidemiologist, Louisiana Office of Public Health, New Orleans
Dugas, Dianne - Louisiana Department of Health, New Orleans
East, Rebecca - Institute of Environmental Studies, Louisiana State University, Baton Rogue
Edwards, Tia (Williams) - Director of Public Relations, Louisiana Chemical Association, Baton Rouge
Ellender, Phillip - Director of Public/Government Affairs, Koch Oil Company, Baton Rouge
Fowler, Claudia R. - Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge
Frierson, George - Research Associate, Coastal Research Laboratory at University of New Orleans, New Orleans
Gordon, Joye C., Ph.D. - Kansas State University (formerly in Thibodaux)
Green, Harold - State Environmental Chair, Southern Christian Leadership of Louisiana, New Orleans
Hollander, Eileen - Director, Southern Region for AWM, New Orleans
Johnson, Gregory Ben - President and Chief Executive Officer, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, New Orleans
Kaffer, Nancy - Center for Environmental Communications, Loyola University New Orleans
Kirkley, Allen - Chief Executive Officer, Motiva Norco Refining Company, Norco
Kulkarni, Subhash - President, Kulkarni Consultants(engineers), Metairie
LeBlanc, Mary - Board member, W.H.A.R.F., Westwego
Malek-Wiley, Darryl - Then President, Mississippi River Basin Alliance, New Orleans
Manalla, Christine - Writer, New Orleans Magazine, New Orleans
May-Brett, Jean - Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge
Baker-Miller, Bettsie - Consultant, Baton Rouge

Moreau, Robert, Ph.D. - Professor of Environmental Business, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond
Pagones, Sara - Writer, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Radlauer, Kay - Consultant, KayRad Co., Inc., Baton Rouge
Rogers, Robert, Ph.D. - Mineral Management Service, New Orleans
Rogge, Roy - Chairman of Executive Committee, Sierra Club, Delta Chapter, New Orleans
Simon, Jeff, Ph.D. - Communications Director, Department of Environmental Quality, Baton Rouge
Soho, Michele - Associate for Special Projects, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, New Orleans
Speir, Jerry - Director Tulane Institute for Environmental Law & Policy, Tulane Law School, New Orleans
Winter, Marnie - Director, Jefferson Parish Environmental and Development Control Department, Metairie
Wood, Maura - Associate Representative, Sierra Club, Delta Chapter, Baton Rouge