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IEC Fellows—2004

The following people have completed the Institute for Environmental Communication and have been named Fellows.

Ales, JoDale, PhD - Baton Rouge Community College
Brasted, Katie, M.A. - Director, Woodlands Trail and Park, Inc.
Buchanan, Lisa - Loyola Undergraduate, President Loyola Greens
Caldwell, Barbara - Executive Director, The Green Project
Crews, Woody - Gray & Company - Insurance, Energy, and Timber
Etheridge, Dan - Center for Bioenvironmental Research, Tulane & Xavier Universities
Hughey, Myra - Research Associate, Department of Biological Sciences, Loyola University
Jordan, Phyllis - Vice President, The Green Project
Mitchell, Germaine - Director of Development, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
Padgett, Clint - U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center
Rapp, John - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - Restoration Center
Roberts, Casey - Graduate Student, Tulane University
Roberts, Steve - Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Trail, Kristi - Environmental Engineer, Motiva Enterprises, LLC - Norco Refinery
Whittington, Krista - Graduate Student, Loyola University