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Miscellaneous Publications of LUCEC

This journal features refereed and non-refereed articles from fellows and speakers from our Institute for Environmental Communication as well as stakeholders in environmental issues.

Papers from the 1999 Institute of Environmental Communications

  • Stressful Lives of Louisiana Environmentalists by Robert A. Thomas
  • Facilitating Sustainable Redevelopment In Economically Distressed Rural Communities by Charles C. Reith and E. Griff Blakewood
  • The "Justice" in Environmental Justiceby Robert R. Kuehn
  • Environmental Justice: From Racism to Equity by Rebecca R. East
  • Environmental Justice by Loretta Persohn Brehm
  • Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice and ISO 14001: A Catholic Pespective by Eileen E. Hollander
  • Building Common Ground: Business, Labor, and the Environment in Louisiana by Ernie Niemi and Paul Templet
  • The Nature of Risk Perceptions and Environmental Decision Making by Joye C. Gordon