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Louisiana's Resources

Louisiana has a number of nationally important natural resource related activities that may, if improperly managed, be very environmentally damaging. If managed well, they will fulfill their vital roles, thus supporting a strong economy while minimizing harm to the environment. The primary areas of concern, which, taken as a group are unique, include:

  • the impact of coastal and offshore oil and gas production
  • the presence of the nation's largest petrochemical corridor
  • coastal wetland loss [Louisiana has 40% of the nation's coastal wetlands and is experiencing 80% of the loss]
  • the precarious future of our coastal fisheries [the largest in the continental U.S.]
  • the impact of products that enter our state and associated waters via the Mississippi River
  • the operation of the world's largest combined system of ports and their connections

No other region of the country has this much environmental pressure exerted on its resources and populace! Entities outside Louisiana's borders own and govern more than 80% of Louisiana's coastal zone and nearly 100% of Louisiana's petrochemical businesses.

In order to address these issues, the Loyola University Center for Environmental Communication (LUCEC) will support the outstanding mass communication program of Loyola University New Orleans and lead to a more educated citizenry.