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Wetland Bibliography


This bibliography is intended to provide an introduction to the wetlands for the novice.  All titles are available in the Louisiana Nature Center’s Entergy Science Resource Center (There are many other titles in the “Wetlands” and “Lake Pontchartrain” sections, plus many marine and wetlands teacher’s guides from around the nation and several locally-focused “EnviroInfoSheets”).  Those with an asterisk (*) are especially recommended for beginners.

 *Andrews, William A. [ed.].  1972.  A guide to the study of freshwater ecology.  Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood, NJ.  182 pp.  [Excellent lab guide for study.]

 *Bahr, L. M. and J. J. Hebrard.  1976.  Barataria Basin:  biological characterization.  L.S.U. Ctr. for Wetland Resources, Sea Grant Publ. LSU-T-76-005.  144 pp.

 *Bahr, L. M., Jr., et al.  1983.  Ecological characterization of the Mississippi Deltaic Plain Region:  A narrative with management recommendations.  Natl. Coastal Ecosyst. Team, Div. Biol. Serv., U.S. Fish & Wildl. Serv., FWS/OBS-82/69.  189 pp. [Excellent overview.]

 *Braus, Judy.  1989.  Wading into wetlands.  Ranger Rick’s NatureScope 2(5): 1-64.  [Excellent activities.]

 Carter, R. W. G.  1988.  Coastal environments.  An introduction to the physical, ecological and cultural systems of coastlines.  Academic Press, New York.  617 pp.  [Excellent reference.]

 *Chabreck, Robert A.  1988.  Coastal marshes: ecology and wildlife management.  Univ. Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN.  138 pp.  [Excellent overview.]

 *Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.  1989.  Coastal Louisiana, here today and gone tommorrow?  A citizen’s program for saving the Mississippi River Delta Region, to protect its heritage, economy and environment.  Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Baton Rouge.  70 pp.

 Conservation Foundation.  1988.  Protecting America’s wetlands: an action agenda.  The Conserv. Found., Washington, DC.  69 pp.  [Excellent suggestion of steps to be taken.]

 Davis, Richard A., Jr. [ed.].  1978.  Coastal sedimentary environments.  Springer-Verlag, New York.  420 pp. [Excellent reference.]

 Hook, D. D. et al.  [eds.].  1988.  The ecology and management of wetlands.  Vol. 1:  Ecology of wetlands.  592 pp.  Vol. 2.  Management, use and value of wetlands.  394 pp.  Timber Press, Portland, OR.  [Excellent overview.]

 *Houck, Oliver A., Fritz Wagner, and John B. Elstrott.  1989.  To restore Lake Pontchartrain.  A report to the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission on the sources, remedies, and economic impacts of pollution in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.  Greater New Orleans Expressway Comm., Metairie.  270 pp.  [Excellent overview.]

 Leatherman, Stephen P. [ed.].  1979.  Barrier Islands from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico.  Academic Press, New York.  325 pp.  [Excellent reference.]

 *Louisiana Land & Exploration.  No date.  Louisiana’s national treasure.  LL&E, New Orleans.  22 pp.  [Excellent overview.]

 Mitsch, William J. and James G. Gosselink.  1986.  Wetlands.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York.  539 pp. [Excellent reference.]

 *Niering, William A.  1985.  Wetlands.  Audubon Soc. Nature Guides, Alfred A. Knopf, New York.  638 pp.  [Excellent reference.]

 *Pilkey, Orrin H., Jr. and William J. Neal. [eds.].  Living with the shore.  Duke Univ. Press, Durham, NC.  [An excellent series covering all coastal states and other related topics explaining coastal processes and how people should adapt to them.]

 *Sikora, Jean Pantell.  No date.  Lafourche Parish Coastal Zone curriculum resource unit.  Louisiana St. Dept. Education Bull. 1834:  xiii + 169 pp.

 Stickney, Robert R.  1984.  Estuarine ecology of the southeastern United States and Gulf of Mexico.  Texas A&M Univ. Press, College Station, TX.  310 pp.  [Excellent overview.]

 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  No date.  Crisis on Louisiana’s coast . . . America’s loss.  U.S. Corps Engnr.  13 pp. [Cursory overview.]

 *Williams, S. Jeffress, Kurt Dodd, and Kathleen Krafft Gohn.  1991.  Public issues in earth science:  Coasts in crisis. U.S. Geol. Survey Circ. (1075):  1-32.  [Excellent overview with photos.]